A personal experience of hunting killing animals

A small number of Orcas have been caught in the past as well. These numbers do not include dolphins or other small whale species killed using various other methods, such as offshore harpoon hunts, in which mainly porpoises are killed. The quota set by the government for the species that were targeted in drive hunts that year allowed for the capture of Striped Dolphins, 1, Bottlenose Dolphins, Risso's Dolphins, and Southern Short Finned Pilot Whales. The quota applies to all hunting methods.

A personal experience of hunting killing animals

Joseph Cardot from Colorado Researchers have been warning the medical establishment for years that the indiscriminate use of antibiotics could spawnthey warned, would create a "post antibiotic world" where common, as well as uncommon, infections would quickly escalate into fatal illnesses.

The warning have been ignored; the result is that we are - right now - facing a major threat to human life from formerly treatable infectious conditions. A friend of mine, Dr.

Richard Callahan, York, NE, in a recent phone conversation remarked that, in his opinion, mutated pneumoccus bacteria and viral pneumonia will be killing thousands of Americans annually within five years.

I have operated a family practice for 37 years where I have treated all types of infections in patients varying in ages from infants to over ninety. Before prescribing any treatment I believe a doctor should determine if the patient might suffer harmful effects from the treatment.

MSP meets both of the criteria. I started using a silver suspension in protocols for patients with infections in January of The first patient, a female, had "walking" viral pneumonia. She was placed on one tablespoon of the silver suspension t. She was asymptomatic the fourth day into treatment.

I thought that it might have been a misdiagnosis. Since that first experience I have treated more than 50 cases of viral pneumonia with the same positive results. Time of treatment varies, due to patient condition and severity of infection, from four days to thirty days.

The outcome, however, is consistently positive; the infection is cleared. Since that first experience I have included MSP in protocols for all types of infectious diseases with positive results. MSP has cleared reoccurring ear infections in children who were scheduled for tube surgery making the procedure unnecessary.

It is so effective we must start with small doses to control Herxheimer effect.

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Staph and other infections in the mouth Gingivitis have dramatically improved with MSP therapy. I have records of Lyme patients who have been taking various antibiotics for three or more years who have become asymptomatic on MSP therapy after just three or four weeks of treatment.

The average duration to rid the body of the spirochete is three to nine months. Systemic Candida Albicans frequently occurs in patients with Lyme; complicating the treatment and prolonging the duration of treatment.

Lyme disease is far more prevalent than is generally known. Lyme has been reported in the U.

Irish Elk (5,200 B.C.)

Lyme is routinely misdiagnosed as meningitis or as a "heat rash. The important thing about MSP therapy is that it is non-toxic. I have never observed any side effect from using MSP therapy, and I have used it in patients with all kinds of infections.

In acute conditions as much as four tablespoons per day has been given, with no adverse reactions observed or reported. I believe that the HIV can be completely eliminated by using higher concentrations of MSP than can be absorbed with oral dosing.Animals and Hunting Hunting for ‘sport’ is basically another way to describe the thrill of killing.

Posted Feb 07, Booking Form: Preference Points *Preference points can be purchased from July 1 - October *Hunting licenses can be applied for and preference points bought by going to .

Hunting: What is it like to kill an animal with a bow and arrow? Update Cancel. with a friend, of field dressing and then later butchering the deer. it's a very personal experience.

I ate and enjoyed venison all that winter.

Smilodon (10,000 B.C.)

I had the loins with a Cumberland sauce 2 days after the hunt. Does the killing of the animals bother you in any way? The new formulation was first introduced as an over-the-counter drug, and later came out with the MSP at Low concentrations as a trace mineral dietary supplement at 30 ppm.


At concentrations above 12, ppm * the research lab believes more human testing needs to be conducted before recommending this special formulation MSP for human use.. Ongoing studies done in-vitro and in-vivo over the. Mule Shoe Outfitting are experienced, successful Wyoming big game hunting outfitters.

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A personal experience of hunting killing animals

Hunting as described by Webster’s Dictionary is the activity or sport of chasing and killing wild animals. There are numerous different ways to hunt the same animal .

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