A study on the popularity of procrastination among shs students

The aim of the present study is to examine the Problematic Internet Use Does PIU among students show significant The Effects of Social Media on College Students Essay between the effects of social networking and students An overview of the bar code system used in modern retailing study of Stress Among College Students Most elementary and secondary students are using mobile according to a new study. An analysis of marijuana as a medicine in the united states of america Stress. Coping styles and Substance Use among University Students the importance of making decisions in the play a dolls house by henrik ibsen Adolescents smoking experiences. Perceptions and implications a study on the popularity of procrastination among shs students Created Date:

A study on the popularity of procrastination among shs students

Background of Study Social groups across the world have been interacting with one another since the creation of the world. However,as human beings keep on increasing in number,diverse strategies,techniques and means of interacting with each other also emanates.

This has led to the development and advancement of distinct channels through which humankind can communicate to his or her environment wih ease.

Group of people with similar or diversified characters,traits and mindsets forms a society and the means through which they communicates is called media.

In this parlance the media then becomes a platform on which communication is facilitated. The inception of education,however either formal or informal has also contributed immensely to the ways through which some societal groups can communicate and hence changing the manner through which information is desserminated to one another in a particular country or society.

With the view of linking people together,some scientist have deduced so many ways of sending an information to people which initially started with letter writing and posting during ehich the Egyptian scholars invented the Harrigrifics the first ink to be used in replace of the use of charcoal in a form of pen.

Technological advancement is yet to relegate the use of letter posting as a means of communication or linkages as far as the determination of information is concerned. This is based on the grounds that the use of the newly developed ways of communication seems to be so simple, time saving, cost effective and efficient by all than using the posting method.

Examples of such newly developed technological ways of communicating to people in the various societies across the universe are Facebook,Twiter,In,Television,News papers,books,radios and many others.

All these channels put togerther forms what is termed as social media and the people who usually participate as workers in tranfering information to the users of such data are called pressmen and women or media men and women.

Media may therefore be referred to communications.

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Communication tools used to store and deliver 1 T o p i c: In view of this,a lot of scholars have come out with different definitions trying to explain what social media is to them and others with with respect to how it is applied or used in that geographical location.

Typical examples of such definitions by scholars are ; In accordance with Chris Garrett ,Social media is the tools, services, and communication facilitating connection between peers with common interests.

Also, Social media is an ever-growing and evolving collection of online tools and toys, platforms and applications that enable all of us to interact with and share information. Ann Handley Futher to these, social media is about the technology that facilitates individuals and groups of people to connect and interact, create and share.

Unlike other software that works fine with a single user, social media applications and websites work better the more people there are using them. Lee Odden These definitions try to connote the idea that impliedly,there are serveral means through which people channel information to their neighbours.

In additions to the afformentioned examples of social media,the below listed ones are typical types that are in existence; Print Media Newspapers,Magazines,Books and other printed material,Electronic Media Radio, Television, Internet, Cinema and several others.

However,the term media and its application seems to have some connectivity with the term education in that,the status of a certain societies education,the type and kind of social media it can use in terms of effectively communicating with their friends and families while sustaining efficient use of such channel of communication.

It has become obvious that societies with high level of education are more conversant with the electronic and print media than others with less or low educational status either formal or an informal type.

This however,then portrays directly that,there is a link between social media and education and as a matter of fact one seems to influence the other. So the questions is,is it apparent that,social media has an immense influence on education?

In accordance with M. Education also according to him, however, is the formation of an individual to understand and perceive things in a deeper way.

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When the communicated information is utilized positively so as to be useful to the society it is termed knowledge because knowledgge in the context of philosophy is a justified true believe. The negative utilization of a communicated information by a person is also a knowledge but rather an exploited idea when it tends to favour the few at the expense or sufferance of the lot.

This dilemma on social media and education is the basis for the conduction of this research in order to know whether or not social media influences education and if so is it influencing it positively or negatively.

Problem statement Media is everywhere, it has become part and parcel of our daily life. Media in accordance with the principle of journalism is said to run and touch with human lively activities. The media play a dominant role in the learning progression of mankind as learning in its totality resort to communication.

Media has potential to shape personalities, change the way we perceive and understand the world and our immediate reality.

It determine all the three types of persons been self, real self and other self as described in the parlance of cultural and African studies.

A study on the popularity of procrastination among shs students

This portrays directly that social media seems to have a vast influence on our learning process which put together gives us education. However,of late,social media seems to have had controle over our learning procedure as the existence of many media categories in a certain community or society determines the kind of education and the level of knowlwgde of the citizenry in that locality.

Critical examples of such scenario is about the fact that,performance of students now adays have been judged by the use of social media and the rate at which those students make use of information from the social media.The present study focused on analyzing the factors of procrastination and its effects on learning of university students.

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It was conducted on students and 40 teachers of the Islamia University. Procrastination is the disease eating away at student productivity – and with exam season upon us, we're facing an epidemic.

An American study estimates that over 70% of students "exhibit [this.

A study on the popularity of procrastination among shs students

Huge popularity of Facebook among the students has brought the researchers attention to investigate the phenomenon. Most among the students is generating main question that is Facebook use effecting activities and extra curriculum activities are the accumulation of students’ non-study related activities.

The students face a lot of problems in developing positive study attitudes and study habits. Guidance is of the factor through which a student can improve his study attitudes and study habits and is directly proportional to academic achievement. “There are students and people that can work under pressure and do that effectively, but to say that they work ‘better,’ I think that’s just an illusion to justify their procrastination,” he said.

Student Health Services and CAPS recommend students use academic and personal resources to more fully enjoy their college experience. SHS offers many programs to help reduce stress, including stress management consultations, aromatherapy, message therapy and acupuncture, which can help students find balance between their demands.

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