Argumentation-persuasion essay on giving birth control to teenagers

We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. The controversy pits proponents of pragmatism who argue for the addressing of an undeniable reality of teenage sexual activeness and exponents of teenage contraception who hold that the provisions of contraception methods to teenagers will only fuel their risky and premature sexual activity. The object of the paper is to highlight unethicalness of the decision by the government organs to gag the program aimed at the provision of contraception methods for teenager as a feasible method towards the addressing of the predicament of escalating teenage pregnancies.

Argumentation-persuasion essay on giving birth control to teenagers

What Parents Need to Know Print One of the biggest decisions that many teens face is whether to have sex.

Argumentation-persuasion essay on giving birth control to teenagers

Teens who decide to become sexually active need to learn how to protect themselves from unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases STDs. In the United States, the teenage pregnancy rate is higher than in many other countries.

Aboutteen girls give birth every year and most of them never intended to become pregnant. Sexually active teens also must protect themselves from STDs — which means that condoms must be used every time.

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The rate of births to teen girls ages 15—19 has steadily declined over the years. This is linked to teens waiting longer to have sex and more teens using birth control to prevent pregnancy.

Argumentation-persuasion essay on giving birth control to teenagers

As a parent, it's important that your kids feel that they can come to you with a question about sexuality, no matter what it is. It helps if you treat it as a natural part of development, not something dirty or embarrassing.

At times, kids may not feel comfortable asking parents about sex. But it's important that they have a trusted adult — like a teacher, school counselor, school nurse, or doctor — to talk with about birth control and other issues.

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Birth Control Methods Teens who do choose to have sex have many effective birth control methods to choose from. Check out the articles below to learn important facts about these different options. You may be surprised — some popular ones aren't as effective as many people think:Rashaun Blas EN April 29, Dr.

Matilda Rivera Birth Control Pills According to the Huffington Post, million women in the United States, alone, are taking oral contraceptives, more formally known as, the birth control pill.

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This essay will encompass a variety of viewpoints concerning the topic of birth control, the legitimacy of particular birth controls, and the controversial topic it brings regarding the Roman Catholic Church.

programs aimed at reducing teenage pregnancy are information about birth control, relationships, and sexually transmitted infections (McKee, ). teens incorrectly believe that birth control pills provide protection from STIs, including HIV/AIDS (KFF, ).

Preventing Teenagers from Getting Contraceptives Unless They Tell a Parent Puts Teens at Risk Today, in every state, sexually active teenagers can get contraceptives to protect themselves against unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases - even if .

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Data show that teens most often use condoms and birth control pills which, when not used consistently and correctly, are less effective for preventing pregnancy.

According to this month’s Vital Signs report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, increasing access to Long-Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) is one way to further reduce teen pregnancy.

- Birth Control Birth control has been a topic affecting women’s and men’s health, religion, sexuality and peace of mind for many years. Let me start with the history of birth control. A variety of birth control methods have .

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