At risk students and reading proficiency essay

This opportunity and achievement gap represents the reality that socioeconomic status influences student performance. While teachers in high-need schools cannot solve poverty, the true irony is that educational success can and will increase the likelihood of socioeconomic success.

At risk students and reading proficiency essay

Allington We could teach almost every student to read by the end of 1st grade. So why aren't we doing it? Few students in the United States read at a desirable level.

In other words, two of every three students in U. At the same time, studies have shown that virtually every student could be reading on grade level by the end of 1st grade Mathes et al. This raises the question, Why are so few schools doing what they need to do to help their at-risk readers?

The legislation and accompanying regulations have a dual focus: Although the federal law doesn't mention tiers of instruction, a three-tiered model has become the most common form in RTI initiatives.

The first tier is the classroom reading lessons that the student receives. The second tier is additional expert reading instruction typically offered daily in a small group.

The third and final tier provides one-on-one daily tutorials. Participating in high-quality reading lessons in each of the three tiers as needed should dramatically reduce the numbers of students experiencing difficulties in learning to read.

What I like about this legislation is that it allows school districts to use up to 15 percent of a district's total budget for special education to support the RTI process. However, the legislation makes it clear that RTI is a general education initiative; this funding is turned over to a general education team to fund the general education effort to teach everyone to read—in other words, to fund the three tiers of the RTI intervention.

I also like the fact that Congress left almost all implementation decisions up to the local education agency.

At risk students and reading proficiency essay

At the same time, this creates the possibility that in too many schools, no one will take up the responsibility of providing three tiers of high-quality, expert reading instruction. When Must We Begin?

At risk students and reading proficiency essay

All the federal legislation says about identifying students for involvement in the RTI process is that schools must have a screening process in place. According to Scanlon and Vellutinoall a school needs to do to identify students who may become struggling readers is assess kindergartners' letter name knowledge.

Pearson and Hiebert note that two-thirds of entering kindergartners already know the names of the letters of the alphabet and that one-third also know the consonant sounds. It's the one-third who don't know all the letter names who seem most likely to become struggling readers.

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So we begin screening for letter name knowledge in kindergarten to identify students at risk of becoming struggling readers.Such strategies as visualizing a story in the mind while listening or reading can be extremely powerful for students who struggle with vocabulary and oral language skills.

Improving the Writing Skills of At-Risk Students Through the Use of Writing Across the Curriculum A plan for improving the writing skills of at-risk students was developed and The MEAP Writing Test assesses students’ proficiency based upon their written.

A Research Review of Cognitive Skills, Strategies, and Interventions for Reading Comprehension Amy L. Moore, M.A. ). A study of at-risk second graders also revealed that accuracy and rate of oral reading uniquely predicted comprehension ability & Tindal, ). In a multivariate study of Florida students’ reading comprehension.

At-Risk Students Research Papers study the factors that influence these students, and the programs to help. Buy Custom College Research Papers at Paper Masters! limited language proficiency; These are just a few examples of what makes students "at risk" and are thought to contribute to dropping out.

Students who are exposed to this array of learning experiences will develop basic learning skills in math, reading, writing, and a wealth of knowledge in colleges and career ready programs. One of the possible causes of the issue is the utilization of non-certified teachers and fresh college graduate.

Essay on At Risk Students and Reading Proficiency; Essay on At Risk Students and Reading Proficiency. Words 3 Pages. Chapter II Review of the Literature Introduction It is a “reading world” we live in and students should be guaranteed every opportunity to succeed in this information driven society.

Children today are overwhelmed with.

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