Children should be given freedom

It is the power to act according to its will, while respecting the law and the rights of others. What are the freedoms of the children? They correspond to the liberties that all individuals possess.

Children should be given freedom

Sattar The best way to raise the teenagers is to leave them to their own devices.

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Restriction leads to rebellion, and parental concern usually goes to unappreciated. Human beings have become very advanced in this modern era. They have now become able to sort out most of the difficulties.

Besides this advancement, it is a fact that humans are born as children with immature mind, they learn from the people around them, especially their parents. Moreover, they think that they know each and every aspect of living a free life.

Although, teenagers need some freedom to build their self-confidence however, more freedom leads to disaster of their social and practical career because of immaturity, misunderstanding, problems in education, bad effects of social media on their activities and communication gap.

It is an admitted fact that in every sphere, on every matter, there are two types of opinions, freedom or restriction, but both opinions do not carry equal weight.

In former opinion, modern society clues that when a person reaches teenage years, he or she should be given freedom in all aspects of life; parents should give them free hand to realize the world by their own perspectives, build their self-confidence and to manage their study affairs, social matters, Children should be given freedom future plans etc.

If parents go against their will, it would create a sense of disobedience in their attitudes, they would do something wrong because they do not want to be restricted by their parents. In the latter opinion, teenagers can be restricted by some external forces; it can be their parents, or the society in which they are living.

The reason behind it is that, teenage period is the immature parts of life where guidance is the main perspective to help teenagers to live a better life in future. In this age, teenagers tend to respond towards bad habits and deeds more hastily. They are not aware of world properly. It becomes the responsibility of parents to guide them.

In this respect, allowing full freedom to teenagers by their parents leads to disastrous future of their children. It would also be false assumption that parents are not eligible to understand the modern ways of life, because behaviors are not polished by technology or machines, rather behaviors are polished by moral values and lessons learnt from life.

So it becomes the need of the hour that parents should contribute towards the behavior establishment of their children. Teenagers are incapable of decision making and quite immature to understand the complexity of world at that stage.

If parents leave their teenagers at their own will, providing full freedom, this lack of restrictions might create disaster in their lives.

Yes, it's freedom that's utterly necessary You were living on the edge of poverty, and yet you were delighted to be managing on your own. So if it was so much fun, why is it that you reach for your checkbook whenever your grown children ask for money to pay their credit-card bills, parking tickets, real estate agent fees, medical expenses and insurance premiums?
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They will face a variety of problems in society. There will be more chances that teenagers would be inclined towards unreasonable attitudes, and immoral ethics. At this time, their impressionable minds attract towards amazing stories which may not be good for them.

Their whole life is changed and they get upset and involve in bad habits because they have wickedness to be seen everywhere. All this leads to bad impacts in their lives. When teenagers get more freedom from their parents, they do not focus on their education properly because they cannot manage their time; they want to explore every new thing which may be good or bad, in front of them which can create problems in their social and educational career.

It is the common thing that in teenage years of life, everyone wants to live according to their desire.

Many bright children waste their most of time in entertainment, leaving study aside. They cannot get through even their exams; this fact leads students towards failure. Therefore, restrictions from parents prevent and save the children from failure.

Too much freedom regarding the over use of social media leads to over running of teenagers from the control of their parents which leads to disastrous results.

Additionally, they also make relations with any one in society through social media that seems charming to them.


The incapability of teenagers to differentiate between good and bad, results in concerning issues. S Department of labor website. Another adverse effect of too much freedom is the lack of communication between teenagers and their parents because when teenagers get a lot of freedom from parents, they do not spent time with their family in contrast they prefer to be with their friends.

All this leads to a communication gap between them and their parents which results in considerable bad impacts. Now at this time, if parents leave them at their own choices, there would be no smooth environment between them and their parents, they would not be able to share anything to their parents.While certainly kids need parental guidance, they also should be given the freedom to explore their world and make some choices for themselves.

An adolescent is on the threshold of adulthood. Shouldn’t he or she then be allowed to probe the mysteries of the world all on his/her own? It is true that the modern world offers various opportunities for all age groups in every field of knowledge.

Children should be given freedom

"By the time your children are out of college," advises Janet Bodnar, executive editor of Kiplinger's personal-finance magazine, "planning for your own retirement should take precedence.

You should not be giving your kids anywhere near an amount that would have an effect on your retirement savings.". Children need to express themselves and have choices for sure. However, there are some issues that kids should not have full choice over.

Dressing is one of them. Freedom over one’s physical person is the most basic freedom of all, and people in a free society should be sovereign over their own bodies. When we give government the power to make medical decisions for us, we in essence accept that the state owns our bodies.".

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