Confidentiality essay

Medical information should be restricted only to the concerned doctor who is authorized to maintain the health record. However, in certain circumstances it becomes necessary for the physician to break this law if it is for the benefit of the patient. Patient confidentially can be described as; medical information should not be disseminated by the doctor and disclosed to any other person or organization until or unless there are specific circumstances requiring distribution of the information or permission has been obtained from patients for disclosure of information.

Confidentiality essay

Vehicle identifiers and serial numbers, including license plate numbers Device identifiers and serial numbers Web Universal Resource Locators URLs Internet Protocol IP address numbers Biometric identifiers, including finger and voice prints Full-face photographic images and any comparable images Any other unique identifying number, characteristic, or code, unless otherwise permitted by the Privacy Rule for re-identification.

A Limited Data Set is similar to the de-identified data set but has fewer of the 18 identifiers removed. The Limited Data Set is health information that may include city, state, zip code, elements of date, and other numbers, characteristics, or codes not listed as direct identifiers.

Limited data sets are often utilized in multi-center studies when using fully de-identified data is not useful. The Confidentiality essay of a Limited Data Set allows a researcher and others to have access to dates of admission and discharge, birth and death, and five-digit zip codes or other geographic subdivisions other than street address.

It requires that the researcher neither re-identify the data nor contact the research participant and contains assurances that appropriate safeguards will be used to prevent improper use or disclosure of the Limited Data Set.

It may, therefore, be necessary for covered entities to properly use and disclose individually identifiable health information in compliance with both sets of regulations.

It is mandatory to report positive HIV test data to state health departments. Depending on the state where the research is conducted, Waivers of Authorization may not be permitted with fully identified HIV data.

However, different institutions vary in their policies concerning decedent research. To use or disclose PHI of deceased persons for research, covered entities are not required to obtain an Authorization, a Waiver, an Alteration of the Authorization, or a Data Use Agreement from the personal representative or next of kin.

However, the covered entity must obtain from the researcher who is seeking access to the decedents' PHI: Department of Health and Human Services Obviously, Public Health services provide important essential public health protections.

Essay on Confidentiality Between Doctor and Patient

Consequently, various federal and state laws, as well as the policies of various medical and healthcare professional organizations and institutions, provide confidentiality protections for adolescents.

Some institutions have developed policies that would require disclosing information to parents in certain circumstances, such as in suicide research if there are threats of suicide by children, adolescents, or college students.

Civil penalties usually involve monetary fines. Covered entities and individuals e. Research participants must be given fair, clear, honest explanations of what will be done with information that has been gathered about them and the extent to which confidentiality of records will be maintained.

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However, the promise of confidentiality cannot be absolute. Under court order or subpoena for example, there may be legal reasons for compelling a researcher to disclose the identity of, or information about, a research participant. In some instances, a researcher may be mandated to report information to government agencies as in cases of child abuse or elder abuse, certain communicable diseases, illegal drug use, and other situations such as gunshot wounds.

When research is conducted across multiple sites, review how the information is being protected. Identify and limit the number of people having access to the data, particularly when data are being transferred across locations, and be aware of when data are reproduced in other formats, such as faxes or computer files.

Make sure that duplicated information is properly destroyed when transferring data. Review confidentiality procedures during the continuing review of protocols by reexamining the protection of sensitive information and the success of the protection efforts.

Educate researchers, research coordinators, and IRB staff on data management and data protection. Also perplexing, are situations in which the IRB must determine which safeguards should be in place to protect past participants who need to be contacted to sign a new Informed Consent Form.This sample Confidentiality Research Paper is published for educational and informational purposes only.

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Confidential or Confidentiality is to keep something a secret or entrusted with secrets.


Maintaining confidentiality is an important aspect of professional behavior. It is essential that a nurse safeguard the client's right to privacy by carefully protecting information of a sensitive, private 3/5(20).

Maintaining patient confidentiality is a legal duty as well as an ethical duty. (“American Medical Association,” , Para.

Confidentiality essay

2) The purpose of health care provider’s is to make the patient feel free to disclose any and all of their history so the physician can treat the patient appropriately. Confidentiality agreements are used by individuals and entrepreneurs across the globe to protect sensitive information, such as inventions, business strategy, client database, compensation reports, etc.

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Only at". Confidentiality pertains to the treatment of information that an individual has disclosed in a relationship of trust and with the expectation that it will not be divulged to others without permission in ways that are inconsistent with the understanding of the original disclosure.

Current Issues in Research Ethics : Privacy and Confidentiality