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Counselling offers a support service to help and guide a person referred to as the client who may often end up going to seek help at a time in their life when they are experiencing stress, distress or other problems that they may find over whelming to cope with alone. Counselling is a two way contract and is freely entered into by the person seeking help. The counsellor is bound by a code of ethical practice and carries a set of professional responsibilities and there must be an agreement and contract made between them with set boundaries at the beginning of the relationship so expectations are met, limits are respected and the client knows what the rules are so that both parties are on the same page and the counsellor is working to the clients agenda.

Csk l2

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What Happens When You Reach Your Limits When you are working helping others as a counsellor it is important to know your limitations and skills and work within these limits because if we do not it can potentially become a harmful situation where we could do more damage to the person we are trying to help than good, we would also be putting a strain on ourselves and acting beyond our limits which is also irresponsible and likely to do damage to the reputation of counselling or the agency or company that we are working for.

So if we feel that keeping or taking on a client is beyond our skills or limits for whatever reason and there can be manythen we can make a referral or refer them on to someone we feel who could offer them a better or more appropriate service than we could.

By being dangerous to keep or take a client on, it could be for example that a counsellor is not trained as a psychiatrist and a patient is clearly showing schizophrenic behaviour by not referring the client to the correct person for treatment I. All sorts of things could happen that could be prevented otherwise.

For example, the client will be getting denied medical treatment that they need for starters, then additionally they may even cause harm to someone and you would also be causing yourself a lot of harm by trying to help them when you are not trained.

Counsellors cannot offer houses to the homeless, or they cannot prescribe medicine to depressed clients, so like with all jobs, there is limits to what they can do within their role.

Positive Feedback When I have receive positive feedback such as home looks nice or I am a good owner to my cats, I am comfortable hearing that kind of positive feedback and it makes me feel good. So instead of feeling good about hearing that kind of feedback, eventually I started to question whether some of my so called good qualities were only in fact good qualities if they were used differently.Course Outline.

Our Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling will benefit learners who want to train to become a counsellor working in a counselling agency. Begin your studies in counselling from home with this Level 2 course! Gain a solid introduction to the field of counselling and the skills you will need to become a successful counsellor.

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Csk l2

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Csk l2

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