Man cost

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Man cost

Man cost

Rs 17 crore employee: Sep 19, There is an iconic twist to the long-drawn tussle at Infosys last year, which saw bitter fights between the board and co-founders led by NR Narayana Murthy and culminated in the exit of CEO Vishal Sikka and chairman R Seshasayee.

Former CFO Rajiv Bansalwhose severance package was partially blocked by the company after allegations by Murthy, is now all set to get the remaining Rs Bansal Man cost dragged the company to arbitration in April last year after it halted his payouts. The company had filed a counter claim against Bansal asking for the refund of the previously paid severance of Rs 5.

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Now the arbitration tribunal has ruled in Bansal's favour. When Bansal left inInfosys had agreed to pay him Rs But the company paid out only about Rs 5 crore before suspending the payments The suspension came as promoters led by Murthy questioned the payout. Murthy had gone so far as to the say the severance had the appearance of "hush money".

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He had alleged that the company wanted to suppress some information with the hefty severance payout. Simply saying that the board did what was in the best interest of the company reinforces doubts that company was suppressing some information harmful to the company. If there was no harm done to the company, then it raises doubts about fiduciary responsibility.

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Man cost

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Rajiv Bansal | Infosys: Rs 17 crore employee: This man cost Infosys a bomb There are many different levels of service available when removing a tree, but a few basic pieces are usually included.

I realize that parts and service are expensive for MAN's, however, I feel that cost is offset by the reliability and longevity of the engines. Detroits can be maintained and rebuilt relatively inexpensively, but they only last half as long.

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