Math 1100 writing assignments

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Math 1100 writing assignments

Below 60 percent You must attain at least a "C" in this course in order to take Math Course requirements The following is a tentative outline of the required graded assignments and their weights: Each class utilizes tools and concepts learned from previous classes, so be sure to arrive on time and stay until you are dismissed.

Not only do excessive absences, tardiness, and early departure suggest a lack of professionalism and commitment, but they also guarantee that you will not attain the objectives of this course. Course notebook You are required to organize your work for this course in a notebook e. Activities with in-class notes.

Use this section to organize your completed work from each activity along with the notes you took during class. You are expected to finish any activity not completed in class.

math 1100 writing assignments

It is often the case that you may have difficulty taking notes on the discussions that occur during class. For this reason we require that you take at least 10 minutes after each class to capture important mathematical ideas that have been discussed during class. Post-class notes will save you valuable time when studying for an exam.

Along with providing the main ideas of the activity, the post class notes could also contain "aha" moments a defining moment in which you gained real wisdom or insighta list of questions you still have about the material in the activity, and a "cheat sheet" like list things you would need to know for an exam: Use this section to organize scratch work from E-Learning quizzes.


Most of the problems on this online homework will require paper and pencil calculations. You will not want to complete the assignment in your head or with a calculator since portions of your exams will not permit calculators. You will want to keep all of your work, correct and incorrect calculations.

We highly recommend crossing out incorrect work rather than erasing it and then write yourself some notes as to why your first methods were invalid.

This will help you learn from your past errors rather than repeat them.

math 1100 writing assignments

This section will contain all of your exams and assignments. You will want to keep both the graded and not graded assignments in this section as well as all of your drafts of each assignment so that you can reflect on all before tutor sessions, group homework sessions, or an exam.

The goal is to make your notebook into something that will serve as a resource for you over time. This will also serve as your main resource when studying for each exam.


Items within your notebook will be assessed through various means. If you have a more efficient way of organizing your notebook, discuss your plan with your instructor. Otherwise, your note book should contain four sections as described above.

Getting Started

What this means is that students can share strategies. You cannot share final versions of assignments. The final polished version of the assignment must be your own work. Similar problems may appear on an exam, so you will want to be sure that you can complete each problem on your own after working with peers.

Assignments In order to succeed in any class, it is critical that you stay on top of your assignments. Be sure to start your homework early and utilize your instructor and the tutor lab when needed.

Also to keep you on schedule, late homework will not be accepted. In the event that you must be absent from class, have your homework delivered to your class.

If allowed by your instructor, you may either send an e-mail scanned copy of your homework before class or have your homework delivered to the Math Department mail room before class. Each instructor has a mailbox in the Math Department office on the 3rd floor of Everett Tower.

E-Learning We use E-Learning as an online interactive tool that can provide immediate feedback. All quizzes can be attempted infinitely many times, so start early and retake the quiz until you earn a 90 percent or higher.

We will be utilizing this tool to help strengthen your mathematical skills and help you to become more efficient. Efficiency will be vital for your success in both this mathematics course and the next. After completing an activity in your text, go to E-Learning and take the corresponding quiz.

Note that most quizzes will be due the Thursday or Sunday after you finish the corresponding activity in class. Be sure to visit E-Learning a few times throughout the week so that you do not miss a due date.

If you miss a quiz due date, you can take the quiz with penalty. You can earn at most a 75 percent on the penalty quiz, but this is much better than a zero. Exams There will be five unit tests worth a total of MATH – SYLLABUS COURSE syllabus, test dates or assignments will be made in class.

You are entirely responsible for the material you missed during any absences.


HOMEWORK: instructor in writing papers, preparing reports, solving problems, or carrying out other assignments;.

December , Tuesday through Thursday will be Boys' Track tryouts after school. See Coach McClammy for athletic paperwork that.

Featured Topic: Writing in Math Class. Teachers use the writing assignments to assess student understanding of important concepts, student proficiency in explaining and using those concepts and each student's attitude toward learning mathematics. Math in the Developmental Math Program in the Department of Mathematics at Western Michigan University is a mastery-based course designed to sharpen computational skills involving whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percents, geometric figures and word problems.

MATH does NOT satisfy the UNT mathematics component of the core curriculum. Prerequisite(s): consent of department. A grade of C or better in MATH is required when MATH is a prerequisite for other mathematics courses.

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