My grandfathers boat

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My grandfathers boat

Those that know the area will recognise the Port Hills and Castle Rock in the background. She was modified by taking the cabin sides out to sides of the hull. The advantages of doing this are that it adds considerably to roominess inside and a great feeling of spaciousness. The down side is that you loose side decks to walk forward on and you are unable to sit comfortably on the cabin top with your feet on the deck.

Once she was complete she was levered across the road on greased skids at the back of my grandparents property and launched in the Heathcote river. She sat in the river for a time until the masts were completed, then taken down to the Heathcote bridge and the masts installed from the top of the bridge.

My first (and last) ride in a Jersey Speed Skiff race boat

She was then taken through the Christchurch estuary and across the Sumner bar to Lyttleton. For some time she was on pile moorings at Diamond harbour and finally on piles outside the Banks Peninsula Yacht Club in Lyttleton. She was lost on the rocks on Quail Island in a summer gale and was a total loss.

Undaunted my grandfather started to build yet another boat, a large flat bottomed boat of sharpie, dory type form. When the boat was lost, it was found that some parts of the hull were already rotten, and in some ways the ship wreck could have thwarted an even bigger tragedy from happening as the hull was obviously not seaworthy at all.

There is a lesson to learnt in all of this. Freshwater is the enemy of timber, especially if the timber is untreated. Despite the loss, I still have have happy memories of sailing with my grandfather on Lyttleton harbour in his dream ship.

His example of hard work and perseverance has been an inspiration to me.Grandfather Poems. Below are examples of poems about grandfathers.

My grandfathers boat

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My grandfathers boat

This list of works about grandfather is an. Oct 09,  · Re: My Grandfathers Ranger Without a hull number it would be impossible to track either one of them down, and to make matters even harder, you don't have a clue what model it was either.

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