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Selected Books on Beauvoir in English 1. Her father, George, whose family had some aristocratic pretensions, had once desired to become an actor but studied law and worked as a civil servant, contenting himself instead with the profession of legal secretary. Despite his love of the theater and literature, as well as his atheismhe remained a staunchly conservative man whose aristocratic proclivities drew him to the extreme right.

Pyrrhus of epirus essay help

Early life[ edit ] Pyrrhus was the son of Aeacides and Phthiaa Thessalian woman, and a second cousin of Alexander the Great via Alexander's mother, Olympias.

He had two sisters: In BC, when Pyrrhus was only two, his father was dethroned. Pyrrhus' family took refuge with Glaukias of the Taulantiansone of the largest Illyrian tribes. Thus, he went on to serve as an officer, in the wars of the Diadochiunder his brother-in-law Demetrius Poliorcetes who married Deidamia.

Pyrrhus had his co-ruler Neoptolemus II of Epirus murdered. Next, he went to war against his former ally and brother-in-law Demetrius and in BC he invaded Thessaly while Demetrius was besieging Thebes but was repulsed.

pyrrhus of epirus essay help

Tribes of Epirus in antiquity. The Greek city of Tarentumin southern Italyfell out with Rome due to a violation of an old treaty that specified Rome was not to send warships into the Tarentine Gulf.

Although this was designed as a measure against the Italian peoples of Pyrrhus of epirus essay helpthe Tarentines grew nervous and attacked the Romans in Thurii, driving the Roman garrison from the city and sinking several Roman warships.

Tarentum was now faced with a Roman attack and certain defeat, unless they could enlist the aid of greater powers. Rome had already made itself into a major power, and was poised to subdue all the Greek cities in Magna Graecia. The Tarentines asked Pyrrhus to lead their war against the Romans.

He recognized the possibility of carving out an empire for himself in Italy. Pyrrhus entered Italy with an army consisting of 20, infantry3, cavalry2, archersslingersand 20 war elephants in a bid to subdue the Romans. Due to his superior cavalry, his elephants and his deadly phalanx infantryhe defeated the Romans, led by Consul Publius Valerius Laevinusin the Battle of Heraclea in BC, [11] in the Roman province of Lucania.

There are conflicting sources about casualties. Hieronymus of Cardia reports the Romans lost about 7, while Pyrrhus lost 3, soldiers, including many of his best. Dionysius gives a bloodier view of 15, Roman dead and 13, Epirot.

He then offered the Romans a peace treaty which was eventually rejected. Pyrrhus spent the winter in Campania. In the end, the Romans had lost 6, men and Pyrrhus 3, including many officers. Veiled head of Phtia with oak wreath, "of Phtia".

Thunderbolt"of King Pyrrhus". In BC, Pyrrhus received two offers simultaneously. The Greek cities in Sicily asked him to come and drive out Carthagewhich along with Rome was one of the two great powers of the Western Mediterranean. At the same time, the Macedonianswhose King Ptolemy Keraunos had been killed by invading Gaulsasked Pyrrhus to ascend the throne of Macedon.

Pyrrhus decided that Sicily offered him a greater opportunity, and transferred his army there. Pyrrhus was proclaimed king of Sicily. He was already making plans for his son Helenus to inherit the kingdom of Sicily and his other son Alexander to be given Italy.

This prompted the rest of the Carthaginian-controlled cities to defect to Pyrrhus. Pyrrhos, King of Epeiros, BC.

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In BC, Pyrrhus negotiated with the Carthaginians. Although they were inclined to come to terms with Pyrrhus, supply him money and send him ships once friendly relations were established, he demanded that Carthage abandon all of Sicily and make the Libyan Sea a boundary between themselves and the Greeks.

pyrrhus of epirus essay help

The Greek cities of Sicily opposed making peace with Carthage because the Carthaginians still controlled the powerful fortress of Lilybaeumon the western end of the island. Pyrrhus eventually gave in to their proposals and broke off the peace negotiations.

Pyrrhus' army then began besieging Lilybaeum. For two months he launched unsuccessful assaults on the city, until finally he realized he could not mount an effective siege without blockading it from the sea as well.

Pyrrhus then requested manpower and money from the Sicilians in order to construct a powerful fleet. When the Sicilians became unhappy about these contributions he had to resort to compulsory contributions and force to keep them in line.

These measures culminated in him proclaiming a military dictatorship of Sicily and installing military garrisons in Sicilian cities. Pyrrhus had so alienated the Sicilian Greeks that they were willing to make common cause with the Carthaginians. The Carthaginians took heart from this and sent another army against him.

This army was promptly defeated.Coin of Pyrrhus, Kingdom of Epirus (inscription in Greek: "(of) King Pyrrhus"). Pyrrhus had little time to mourn, as he was immediately offered an opportunity to intervene in a civic dispute in Argos.

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Pyrrhus of Epirus and the Pyrrhic War Conflict in Greece and Rome: The Definitive Political, Social, and Military Encyclopedia, ed. Sara Phang, Douglas Kelly, Peter Londey, and Iain Spence, ABC-CLIO.

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